We believe that affordable housing shouldn’t be a barrier to building your life. We’re here to change the world. One room at a time – PadSplit

Founded in 2017, PadSplit offers real estate investors a unique opportunity to capitalize on their investments by opening the doors to a win-win strategy for their single family homes and residents looking for flexible, furnished rooms to rent. They also have an amazing calculator to determine your properties return with PadSplit. PadSplit is the nation’s leading platform to drive room rental traffic to their website for your property. They take care of the applications, screening, guest communications and move-ins to include a dashboard to easily view your guests, income, expenses and maintenance! Check out their website for pricing to become a host!

Here at Out Fast Property Management we’re taking part in this process by actively investing in PadSplit homes and professionally managing them too! Never before has the property management industry embarked on the journey of building the process and infrastructure to operate and manage room rentals, until now!


We like to keep it simple.


  • We only manage PadSplit properties in Tampa, within 20 minutes of the Bucs stadium.
  • Investors will be required to join the PadSplit platform.
  • Investors must agree to our “minimum quality standards” for property conditions, handling of delinquencies, maintenance and cleaning procedures.
  • We collect $50 per room each month as our mgmt fee, with a $250 minimum whether the rooms are filled or not.
  • Room turnover cleanings, lock changes/reprogramming, recommended monthly common area cleanings and other maintenance are not included but discounted from market rates.
  • Investors are opted into our 90-day money back guarantee program for free!
  • Investors will maintain a property reserve to fund ongoing bills
  • No cancellation fees with 30 days notice to terminate



We handle the routine maintenance and emergency maintenance calls.​

Room Turnovers

When a tenant leaves, we will coordinate any necessary repairs and clean the unit for the next member.


We will monitor delinquencies and ensure we capture late fees and determine after a few weeks of non-payment, removing the member from the platform.

Property Care

On a routine basis we will make sure the common areas are cleaned routinely and the exterior and interior is maintained well. This includes coordinating pest control, changing air filters, replacing batteries for smart locks, etc.


On a monthly basis we will be visiting the property to look for safety concerns and to keep the member accountable for cleanliness.

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