Upfront, Transparent Pricing!

Tenant Placement: 75-100% of First Months Rent

Monthly Management: 8-10% of Gross Monthly Rent

Renewals: $297

Regular, Scheduled Property Maintenance Options

Professional Mowing Services: $25 Setup

Professional Pool Services: $25 Setup

Professional Pest Control Services: $25 Setup

A/C Maintenance:
$200 (Twice/Year Flush, Clean System, Inspect for wear, 10% Discount on all parts)

Detailed 6 Month Inspection:
$150 (Proactive Maintenance Inspection, Punch List + Discounted Labor)

Monthly Air Filter Delivery Service to Tenants:
$25/mo (Less wear and tear on unit, tenant accountability)

40+ Point Property Inspections

When we are filling a vacancy we visually inspect the interior and exterior condition of the property. This is not meant to act in absence of a typical home inspection by a home inspection company and has an additional cost of $100 per unit.

Our goal is to check things such as:

  • Inspecting electrical outlets to include proper grounding
  • Checking all exterior doors for weather stripping
  • Inspecting for safety & trip hazards
  • Checking Air filters
    & so much more!

Why is this important?

If you don’t fix or address issues prior to a tenant moving in you’ll spend more time and money fixing these things when a tenant has moved in. Since it is likely that there will be a few things needing repaired during a turnover when we identify these issues ahead of time we can have them fixed at the same time when we already have our approved vendors on site.

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